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Nickel Alloy 925

Nickel Alloy 925

Alloy 925 is associate degree age hardenable nickel primarily based alloy that contains metallic element and iron.

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Alloy 925 may be a high-strength, age-hardening, corrosion-resistant Ni-Fe-Cr alloy. Copper, titanium, Mo and metallic element additions, in conjunction with nickel, impart wonderful resistance to stress-corrosion cracking, erosion and crevice corrosion, and to oxidizing and reducing environments.

The high strength and corrosion resistance of this alloy build it appropriate for down hole and surface gas-well parts, shafting product and fasteners.

The alloy is also solid within the vary 2150/1600ºF (1175/870ºC). most strength and corrosion resistance square measure obtained from formation within the 1800/1600ºF vary (980/870ºC).

The alloy has sensible machinability in each the solution-treated and aged conditions. All ought to be done to attenuate work hardening. Rough machining between resolution treatment and aging leads to the most effective finished components.

Alloy 925 ought to be welded victimisation gas-tungsten-arc attachment, with filler materials of base-metal composition.

Inconel® 925 and Alloy 925 have a unique chemical composition that includes:

  • Ni 42-46%

  • Cr 19.50-22.50%

  • Fe 22%

  • Mo 2.5-3.5%

  • Cu 1.5-3%

  • Ti 1.9-2.4%

Alloy 925 is associate degree age hardenable nickel primarily based alloy that contains metallic element and iron. Its composition offers a high level of strength and corrosion resistance. typically sold-out as Inconel® 925, alloy 925, it's acknowledged for variety of various distinctive properties including:

Protection in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere

Resistance to chloride particle stress-corrosion cracking

Excellent resistance to corroding and crevice corrosion

Many different industries suppose Alloy 925 for variety of uses including:

Valves, hangers, packers, and tubulars for bitter gas production

Marine fasteners and pump shafts

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