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Inconel Alloys

  • Nickel Alloy K-500, Monel K-500

    Nickel Alloy K-500, Monel K-500

    Virtually nonmagnetic, even at quite low temperatures Exceptionally smart dimensional stability Resistant to a sour-gas atmosphere Excellent corrosion resistance along with multiplied strength and hardness of that of Alloy four hundred Monel Alloy K-500 Special Metals in...Continue Reading
  • Nickel Alloy 925, Inconel 925

    Nickel Alloy 925, Inconel 925

    Alloy 925 is Associate in Nursing age hardenable nickel based mostly alloy that contains metallic element and iron. Its composition offers a high level of strength and corrosion resistance. usually sold-out as Inconel® 925, alloy 925, it's well-known for variety of...Continue Reading
  • Nickel Alloy 400, Monel 400

    Nickel Alloy 400, Monel 400

    Monel four hundred is well-known for its high strength and corrosion resistant properties. It works in an exceedingly wide selection of temperatures, and is out there in multiple forms for a spread of merchandise. Monel four hundred is employed extensively in (for pipe)...Continue Reading
  • Nickel Alloy 825, Incoloy 825

    Nickel Alloy 825, Incoloy 825

    Referred to as nickel-base alloy 825, Incoloy 825 could be a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with little amounts of Mo, copper, and atomic number 22. this mixture provides Incoloy 825 increased corrosion resistance within the harshest environments. Like several of the alloys...Continue Reading
  • 800H / 800HT NICKEL PLATE

    800H / 800HT NICKEL PLATE

    Nickel Alloy 800H/800HT are nickel-iron-chromium alloys that give high strength a superb resistance to oxidization and carburization at high temperatures. They additionally provide glorious resistance in several binary compound environments. Their nickel content makes the...Continue Reading


    Nickel Alloy 825 may be a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of Mo, copper, and metal. The alloys chemical composition is meant to supply exceptional resistance to several corrosive environments. The nickel content is spare for resistance to chloride-ion...Continue Reading


    Nickel Alloy 601 may be a nickel-chromium with Associate in Nursing addition of atomic number 13 that gives high mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, still as superior resistance to reaction, carburization, and sulfurization. It excels significantly in descaling...Continue Reading


    Nickel Alloy 600 could be a nickel-chromium alloy that has wonderful resistance to oxidisation at high temperatures. it's additionally ordinarily used as a corrosion-resistant alloy because of its resistance to a good vary of acids and alkalis. NICKEL ALLOY 600 PLATE...Continue Reading


    Alloy X-750 may be a precipitation-hardenable alloy that has been employed in applications like warm temperature structural members for gas turbines, reaction-propulsion engine elements, nuclear energy plant applications, heat-treating fixtures, forming tools, and extrusion...Continue Reading
  • Inconel X750 Basics

    Inconel X750 Basics

    Inconel X-750 could be a nickel-chromium alloy used for its corrosion and oxidization resistance and high strength at temperatures up to 1300º F. alloy X750 is out there all told customary mill forms, so it's used for a large form of applications. alloy alloy X-750 is...Continue Reading
  • Inconel X-750 Plate

    Inconel X-750 Plate

    Inconel X-750 plate may be a corrosion-resistant, high strength precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium super-alloy plate. It provides high corrosion and chemical reaction resistance and maintains its strength at temperatures from refrigerant to 1300°F. once heat-treated,...Continue Reading
  • Basic Knowledge Of The X-750

    Basic Knowledge Of The X-750

    Alloy X-750 could be a nickel-chromium alloy that has been created precipitation-hardenable by the additions of atomic number 13 and atomic number 22. Alloy X-750 has smart resistance to corrosion and oxidisation together with high tensile and creep rupture properties at...Continue Reading
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