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Nov 08, 2018


In a cast condition, seventy one eight superalloy is usually accustomed manufacture some engine

turbine components severely loaded in commission. The mechanical behavior of those components depends on

both thenno-mechanical conditions throughout flights and microstructural characteristics of the


As the microstructure is controlled by shaping method, numerical models are developed to

predict relevant microstructural knowledge like grain characteristics that are associated with the

processing parameters. supported experimental studies, simulation tools permit to optimize a

process vary insuring its stability and also the half quality in accordance with the desired


Subsequently, these models can permit to explain the mechanical resistance of the cast half

correlated with the flight thermo-mechanical knowledge. as an example, associate empirical law was

established to link grain size, temperature, strain vary and low cycle fatigue (LCF)

resistance. it's been introduced into a lifing software system and valid by examination

experimentation and simulation. Thus, shaping simulation models are enforced to require

into account the grocess variability throughout the procedure that change to urge time, cost and

quality savings.


Indeed, solid discs are among the foremost vital elements in engine. So, formation is that the acceptable

hot fo~ming method to meet a rough matrix and to urge the complicated pure mathematics of enormous semifinished

products like rotary engine discs or massive fan blades with acceptable material flow.

The final objective is to urge the required metallurgic microstructure in terms of grain size,

recrystallization rate, precipitation of hardening phases and resultant strength-hardening . . .

This can be achieved by one or a lot of formation steps concerning the required final deformation

rate. the operations represent what's ordinarily known as the formation vary.

As so much as temperatures increase on the rotary engine axis, metallic element alloys, that are of interest,

regarding their rarity and mechanical strengths, become inappropriate and should be

replaced. Nickel base block processed superalloys like INCO seventy one eight alloy are wide used for

aeronautical turboengine applications, each on solid elements (discs, blades, shafts, supports . . .)

and forged frame sections, thanks to their engaging mechanical properties up to 650°C [I]. Powder

metallurgy grades, such N18 at Snecma Moteurs, are used higher than 650°C.


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