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C-276 performance
Jul 14, 2018

1, mechanical properties

The tensile check results of a typical C-276 alloy square measure shown within the following table. the fabric is solution at 1150 ° C and quenched with water.

2, corrosion resistance

The Hastelloy C-276 alloy belongs to a nickel-molybdenum-chromium-iron-tungsten-based nickel-based alloy. it's the foremost resistant of contemporary metal materials. primarily proof against wet gas, numerous oxidizing chlorides, chloride solutions, vitriol and oxidizing salts, have smart corrosion resistance in vasoconstrictive and medium temperature acid. Therefore, within the past thirty years, within the harsh corrosive setting, corresponding to chemical, organic compound, flue gas desulfurization, pulp and paper, environmental protection and different industrial fields have a large vary of applications.

Various corrosion knowledge for Hastelloy C-276 alloys square measure typical, however they can not be used as specifications, particularly in Associate in Nursing unidentified setting, that should be tested before they will be selected . there's not enough Cr within the Hastelloy C-276 alloy to resist corrosion in sturdy oxidizing environments, corresponding to hot targeted acid. the assembly of such alloys is especially directed to the activity setting, particularly within the presence of mixed acid, corresponding to the pipe of the flue gas desulfurization system.


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