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Composite pipe for replacement of corrosion resistant alloy
Aug 14, 2018

Composite pipe

Corrosion-resistant alloy composite pipe is a new type of metal composite pipe composed of two different metal materials, which are tightly combined by various deformation and joining techniques, and the two materials are combined into one. The general design principle is: the base layer satisfies the allowable stress of the pipeline design, and the composite layer resists corrosion. The corrosion-resistant alloy composite tube combines all the advantages of the base layer and the composite layer, and can effectively reduce the cost compared with the integral alloy tube, and has good safety and reliability in the stress corrosion cracking sensitive chloride and/or acidic environment. Sex. With the development of industrial technology, the complexity of environmental media, and the intensification of international competition, many industries have higher requirements for the comprehensive performance of metal pipes, and thus the bimetal composite pipe and its production technology have been rapidly developed. The corrosion-resistant alloy composite pipe can maximize the complementary advantages of the materials, save the alloy material, reduce the engineering cost, improve the corrosion resistance of the pipeline and prolong the service life of the pipeline on the basis of ensuring the performance of the foundation pipe. Is a substitute for pure stainless steel pipe, copper pipe or other corrosion resistant alloy pipe

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