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Development prospects of superalloys (2)
Jul 17, 2018

2. analysis on new extreme temperature alloys

Market Analysis The new high-temperature alloys chiefly include: powder superalloys, intermetallic compounds, ODS alloys and high-temperature metal self-lubricating materials:

Powder superalloy technology: FGH51 powder superalloy may be a part precipitation strong nickel-based superalloy ready by metallurgy method. The volume fraction of the γ phase of the alloy is about $, -, and therefore the atomic fraction of the component shaped is regarding five hundredth. The producing method of the alloy disk member is to get the master alloy by vacuum induction melting, so atomize the pre-alloyed powder to make an area blank. Compared with similar solid and molded superalloys, it's the benefits of uniform structure, fine grain, high yield and smart fatigue performance. it's the very best strength alloy underneath this 650 operating conditions. This extreme temperature gold is principally used for rotating components of high performance engines reminiscent of rotary engine disks and bearing rings.

Intermetallic compounds ar accustomed fabricate elements of varied advanced vehicle propulsion systems to scale back their own weight and improve efficiency;

ODS alloy has glorious extreme temperature creep performance, extreme temperature reaction resistance, carbon and sulfur corrosion resistance, is accustomed manufacture key components of engines, and might even be utilized in thermal power generation systems, coal gasifiers, industrial gas turbines and industrial boilers, glass producing, cars. Diesel engines, nuclear reactors, etc.;

High-temperature metal-based self-lubricating materials ar chiefly utilized in the assembly of high-temperature self-lubricating bearings. they're chiefly accustomed replace oil-impregnated bearings, decorated solid self-lubricating bearings, bimetallic bushings and solid sulfur steel solid lubricating bearings (including solid steel surface vulcanised bearings) in science. the appliance of the high-temperature self-lubricating bearing has the benefits of high strength, massive bearing capability, smart lubrication impact, affordable structural style, low noise and long service life.

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