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How to weld nickel alloys
Aug 11, 2018

Before we start, what are nickel alloys?


Most technical guides outline nickel alloys as metals that contain additional nickel than anything.

Some books state that nickel alloys contain over five hundredth nickel. The nickel alloys we are going to name these days have over five hundredth nickel.


Inconel 718 --- 19Cr 3Mo .9Ti 5.1Cb .5Al 18Fe balance nickel

Inconel 625 --- twenty one.5Cr 9Mo 3.7Cb balance nickel

Inconel eighty two --- a pair of0Cr 2.5Cb 3.2Mn balance nickel

Hastelloy X --- 22Cr one.5Co 9Mo .6W 18.5Fe balance nickel

Nichrome V --- twenty atomic number 24 balance nickel

Waspaloy --- nineteen.5Cr 13.5Co 4Mo 3Ti one.4Al .006B balance nickel

HASTELLOY S --- 16Cr 15Mo .3Al .06La balance nickel

C263 --- a pair of0Cr 20Co 6Mo 2.2Ti .45Al balance nickel

As you'll be able to see all the nickel alloys listed on top of contain over five hundredth nickel.

Some of them contain fairly massive amounts of iron however a number of them don’t contain any iron all


Properties of nickel alloys:

Low physical phenomenon – is commonly|this can be} why nickel alloyed with atomic number 24 is often used for heating components. thanks to an occasional physical phenomenon heating components made up of nickel alloys get hotdog quickly once current is applied.

Resistance to oxidisation and scaling – nickel alloys will be heated to hotdog temperatures repeatedly while not scaling.

Corrosion resistance – nickel alloys don’t rust and square measure terribly corrosion proof against sure acids and base-forming solutions.

Strength and hardness - alloy additions of metallic element and Ti enable some heat treatable nickel alloys to be strong considerably by heat treatment.

Nickel alloys won't harden from heating and conclusion. solely sure nickel alloyswill be hardened by heat treatment associate degreed it involves holding the metal at an elevated and controlled temperature for an extended time. This heat treatment is understood as aging or precipitation hardening.


The two main properties of nickel alloys that the majority verify what fastening techniques to use are:

1. Low thermal physical phenomenon a pair of. Sluggish puddle

A low thermal physical phenomenon means heat doesn't dissipate simply. in our own way of claiming that's that heat builds up terribly simply.

Stainless steels have low thermal physical phenomenon conjointly and that we apprehend one amongst the tricks to stop heat build up is to “get in , and acquire out” you recognize, don’t fart around ….hit it, get moving, and acquire out.

Chill blocks to tug the warmth out ar sensible for unblemished, and sensible for nickel alloys too.

The sluggish puddle is another property of nickel alloys , particularly once tig fastening. that's why part welders UN agency tig weld nickel alloys typically use AN outsized tig cup. the additional argonon shielding you get with an enormous cup helps keep the recent tip of the filler rod secure which keeps the puddle additional fluid. A additional fluid puddle desires less electrical phenomenon to maneuver the puddle. Less electrical phenomenon means that less heat input, less distortion, less probability for cracking, and fewer heat affected zone….all good items.



 3 of the foremost wide used nickel alloys within the region business area unit :

1. Inconel 713c – rotary engine blades two. Inconel 718 – engine cases, mechanical device blades three. Hastelloy X – hot section components like burner cans that operate at hot dog temperatures and stand up to thousands of heating and cooling cycles.

In alternative industries like power generation, nickel alloys have another application.

Cladding. Tons upon heaps of Inconel 625 attachment wire area unit used every year to weld protection on steel boiler tubes to increase their life.

Inconel 625is one in all the foremost wide used alloy filler metals because… It works.

Inconel 625 attachment wire is employed habitually to weld layers of warmth and corrosion resistance protection on less corrosion resistant steel .

It stands to reason that if Inconel 625 is wont to clad steel or alloy steel boiler tubes, it's additionally a decent selection as a attachment rod for attachment steel to alternative metals.

     Another property of nickel is that it remains soft and ductile once the weld is completed.

Nickel attachment rods won't harden by heating and termination. irrespective of what the bottom alloy is, a nickel attachment deposit won't be laborious and brittle.



That’s some helpful info.

So lets recap.

We know currently that nickel alloys have an occasional thermal conduction, resist scaling and chemical reaction at elevated temperatures, won't harden--even once wont to weld steel or forged iron, and that we grasp that nickel alloys will retain these properties even once subjected to multiple heating and cooling cycles.

With these properties,  it makes good sense that metal 625 would be used for protective covering boiler tubes in power plants.

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