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Industry knowledge about Hastelloy C276
Jan 22, 2019

Hastelloy C276 may be a nickel-molybdenum-chromium superalloy with Associate in Nursing addition of wolfram designed to possess wonderful corrosion resistance in an exceedingly wide selection of severe environments. The high nickel and atomic number 42 contents create the alloy steel alloy particularly immune to roughness and crevice corrosion in reducing environments whereas metal conveys resistance to oxidizing media. The low carbon content minimizes inorganic compound precipitation throughout fastening to keep up corrosion resistance in as-welded structures. This alloy is immune to the formation of grain boundary precipitates within the weld heat-affected zone, so creating it appropriate for many chemical change application in Associate in Nursing as welded condition.

Although there are many variations of the Hastelloy metal, Hastelloy C-276 is out and away the foremost wide used.

Alloy C-276 is wide employed in the foremost severe environments like chemical process, pollution management, pulp and paper production, industrial and municipal waste treatment, and recovery of bitter gas.

In what forms is Hastelloy C276 accessible at Mega Mex?




Pipe & Tube (welded and seamless)

Pipe Fittings

Welding Wire

Corrosion Resistant Hastelloy C276

Considered one in all the foremost versatile corrosion resistant alloys on the market, Hastelloy C-276 exhibits wonderful resistance in an exceedingly wide selection of chemical action environments together with those with metallic element and metal chlorides, hot contaminated organic and inorganic media, chlorine, formic and carboxylic acid acids, anhydride, seawater, brine and salt and bleach solutions. additionally, alloy C-276 resists formation of grain boundary precipitates within the weld heat affected zone creating it helpful for many chemical processes within the as-welded condition. This alloy has wonderful resistance to roughness and stress corrosion cracking.

What are the characteristics of Hastelloy C276?

Excellent corrosion resistance in reducing environments

Exceptional resistance to sturdy solutions of oxidizing salts, like metal and conductor chlorides

High nickel and Mo contents providing smart corrosion resistance in reducing environments

Low carbon content that minimizes grain-boundary inorganic compound precipitation throughout fastening to take care of resistance to corrosion in heat-affected zones of welded joints

Resistance to localized corrosion like corroding and stress-corrosion cracking

One of few materials to resist the corrosive effects of wet halogen gas, salt and blanching agent

Chemical Composition, %

Remainder15.0-17.014.5-16.54.0-7.03.0-4.52.5 max1.0 max.01 max
.35 max.04 max.03 max.08 max

In what applications is Hastelloy C-276 used?

Pollution management stack liners, ducts, dampers, scrubbers, stack-gas reheaters, fans and fan housings

Flue gas desulfurization systems

Chemical process elements like heat exchangers, reaction vessels, evaporators, and transfer piping

Sour gas wells

Pulp and paper production

Waste treatment

Pharmaceutical and food process instrumentation

Fabrication with Hastelloy C-276

Hastelloy C-276 alloy may be cast, hot-upset and impact extruded. though the alloy tends to work-harden, you'll have it with success spun, deep-drawn, press fashioned or punched. All of the common strategies of fastening may be used, though the oxyacetylene and submerged arc processes aren't counseled once the fictional item is to be used in corrosion service.

Hastelloy C-276 fastening Material

Alloy C276 fastening product are used as matching composition filler material for fastening C276 alloy formed and forged product, for dissimilar fastening applications as well as different nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys and untarnished steels, and for weld overlay or protective covering of steels.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties 
Typical Room Temperature Tensile Properties of Annealed Material

Product FormTensile (ksi).2% Yield (ksi)Elongation %
Tube & Pipe105.445.470

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