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Monel alloy case application
Jul 12, 2018

Case application

Nickel-chromium alloy (Inconel600, ALLOY600, UNS N06600)

This alloy has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidisation resistance, straightforward process and attachment.

Corrosion resistance

UNS N06600 alloy has wonderful corrosion resistance in atmospherical, water and steam media, and corrosion resistance is additionally smart in some weak acids, dilute oxidizing and reducing acids. Among varied weak organic acids, the corrosion rate is additionally low. parenthetically, in temperature ethanoic acid, the corrosion rate is zero.0025---0.1mm/a. This alloy is especially immune to alkali corrosion. parenthetically, in NaOH, the concentration of NaOH will reach eightieth. once there's sulphide in NaOH, its corrosion resistance it's superior to pure nickel and tested in metallic element sulphide at a hundred and fifty °C. The annual corrosion rate is zero.1mm. it's additionally immune to varied neutral and caustic salts. In some sturdy acids, UNS N06600 alloy has poor corrosion resistance, adore In H3PO4, H2SO4, it will solely be used at space temperature; in acid and acid, it will solely be used below terribly dilute conditions; dry element and dry acid at temperature don't corrode UNS N06600, but It can only be used in ≤550°CHF gas at high temperature.


This alloy includes a combination of toughness and corrosion resistance and is wide employed in industries adore chemistry. parenthetically, it's wont to manufacture heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, distillation stills, distillation columns, condensers for carboxylic acid process, instrumentation for process rosin-tanning acid, chemical pumps, and therefore the like. Since the alloy additionally has high strength and smart oxidisation resistance at high temperatures, it also can be employed in the warmth treatment trade to manufacture varied structural members. within the nuclear energy trade, the alloy has smart corrosion resistance to warm temperature and air mass water, therefore it's additionally a very important structural material for lightweight water reactor nuclear energy plants. The merchandise area unit plate, rod, wire, belt and pipe.


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