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Nickel-based superalloy environment superalloy
Sep 19, 2018

In several areas of the civil trade, the part materials in commission area unit in an exceedingly warmth corrosive surroundings. so as to satisfy the wants of the market, a series of superalloys area unit classified in keeping with the surroundings during which the materials area unit used.

1. warmth alloy mother alloy series

2, corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloy plates, rods, wires, belts, tubes and forgings

3. High-strength, corrosion-resistant high-temperature alloy bars, spring wires, fastening wires, plates, strips, forgings

4, glass corrosion resistant product

5, environmental corrosion resistance, pave wear-resistant warmth alloy series

6, special exactitude casting components (blade, turbo rotary engine, rotary engine rotor, guide, instrument connector)

7. Centrifuge for dielectric production, warmth shaft and auxiliary components eight, cobalt-based alloy heat-resistant blocks and slide rails for billet heating chamber

9, valve seat

10, casting "U" formed resistance tape

11, centrifugal casting tube series

12, nano material series product

13, light-weight relative density warmth structural materials

14. useful materials (expanded alloy, warmth and high snap alloy, constant elastic alloy series)

15. medical specialty materials series

16. Target series product for electronic engineering

17, power device nozzle series product

18, metal alloy wear-resistant sheet

19. Ultra-high temperature anti-oxidation corrosion chamber roller and bright tube.

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