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Oxide dispersion of nickel-based superalloys
Sep 19, 2018

It is a special high-alloy alloy shaped by a singular mechanical alloying (MA) method with ultra-fine (less than 50nm) ultra-stable chemical compound dispersion strengthening section uniformly distributed within the alloy matrix at high temperatures. The alloy strength will be maintained on the point of the freezing point of the alloy itself, and has glorious warm temperature creep properties, superior warm temperature oxidisation resistance, and resistance to carbon and sulfur corrosion.

There ar 3 main kinds of ODS alloys that are commercialized:

The temperature of MA956 alloy will reach 1350 °C below oxidizing atmosphere, that is that the 1st place in warm temperature alloy for oxidisation resistance, carbon resistance and sulfur corrosion. will be employed in aviation engine combustion chamber lining.

MA754 alloy will be employed in associate oxidizing atmosphere at temperatures up to 1250 ° C and maintains a comparatively warm temperature strength and resistance to alkali glass corrosion. it's been wont to build aero-engine guide ring and guide vanes.

MA6000 alloy encompasses a enduringness of 222 MPa at 1100 °C and a yield strength of 192 MPa. At 1100 °C, the 1000-hour permanent strength is 127 MPa, that is that the 1st place in high-temperature alloys and may be employed in aero-engine blades.

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