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The development process of Hastelloy alloys
Mar 27, 2018

1, the HA alloy comes from Hastelloy, which begins with the Parapenaeopsis B alloy, and is applied to the rocket nozzle of the aircraft; the subsequent halon C alloys are used and promoted in the chemical industry, petrochemical, nuclear energy industry and the pharmaceutical industry, followed by the HA x alloy showing excellent high-temperature resistance, Accompanied by the rapid growth of the jet industry.

2, because of the early halon alloy B, Ha alloy C, and the halon alloy x alloy need to be welded after the solution treatment, otherwise, welding heat affected zone corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced, so the above alloy has been gradually improved or no longer used;

3, the key factors affecting the welding performance of the material is c,si content, due to the emergence and improvement of refining technology, the problems in the welding of the HA alloy can be improved, so there are many improving the use of the HA B series, ha C Series alloy, etc. It is very regrettable that many of the production and extension units of the HA alloy instead of the earlier halon alloy to replace the later improved HA alloy, not only to reduce c,si content, but back to the former high Si, high c content; special steel cause of the promotion of heavy responsibilities.

4. The hardy B series alloy of the reducing medium is improved on the basis of the HA's B grade. The improved focus includes the very low C,SI content to improve the performance of the welding area, further alloying ideas, pure purification of the application of molten steel, etc., so that the HA Alloy B series appears ha B-2, ha B-3, ha B-4 alloy; The parapenaeopsis B-2 alloy has solved the welding area performance to some extent, the Parapenaeopsis B-3 solves the shortcoming of B-2 precipitation hardening, and greatly improves the thermal processing and cold processing performance.

5, reduction of environmental applications of the material Ha B series of improvement process; In the redox complex environment, the HA's C-series alloy is also improving continuously, in which parapenaeopsis C276 alloy has improved the welding area performance to some extent due to the lower c,si content, but is still not satisfied, and the processing performance has not been improved; and parapenaeopsis C22 material to solve the welding area of corrosion resistance, processing performance problems, but also mainly in the material cost is not improved on the basis of the solution, so parapenaeopsis C22 material is the HA's C series of the highest cost-effective materials, will be more large volume of applications; The newly developed C2000 materials have been added cu in the alloy, which expands the corrosion ability of HA C alloy in the reductive environment, and provides the possibility for the more safe use, the higher equipment life requirement and the new process trial-manufacture occasion.

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