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What are the advantages of a HA alloy reactor?
Mar 27, 2018

Ha alloy is ultra low carbon type, Ni, Mo, CR series Ni-Base, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature materials (Hastelloy), because of its excellent high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weld impact zone corrosion resistance, has a good long-term thermal stability and machinable, in the agricultural chemical industry, nuclear facilities, Bio-pharmaceuticals and other harsh industrial environments are applied. It has excellent corrosion resistance in the medium of wet oxygen, sulfite, acetic acid, formic acid and strong oxidizing salts. Resistance to uniform corrosion and intergranular corrosion, so in the chemical industry is also widely used, the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the HA is much lower than the low carbon steel, and the resistivity and expansion rate are much higher than low-carbon steels, molten pool liquidity is poor, Poor wettability, small penetration, melting depth.

The reaction kettle is lined with a ha alloy, which can resist the chemical reaction experiment of ph high. The HA alloy plate is suitable for all kinds of chemical industries containing oxidizing and reducing media. The higher molybdenum and chromium content makes the alloy resistant to chlorine ion corrosion, and the tungsten element further improves the corrosion resistance. At the same time, C-276-ha alloy tube is one of the only kinds of materials which are corrosion resistant to damp chlorine, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide solution, which have significant corrosion resistance to high concentration chloride solution such as ferric chloride and copper chloride.

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