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Properties And Applications Of Nickel And Nickel Based Alloys
Mar 27, 2018

Nickel is mainly used in electroplating industry, nickel-plated goods beautiful, clean, and not easy to rust. Very fine nickel powder, used as a catalyst in the chemical industry.

Nickel is used extensively to make alloys. Adding nickel to steel can improve mechanical strength. such as steel containing nickel content from 2. When 94% increases to 7.04%, the tensile strength is 52. 2 kg/mm 2 increased to 72. 8 kg/mm 3. The nickel steel is used to manufacture parts of the machine that are subjected to greater pressure, shock and reciprocating loads, such as turbine blades, crankshaft, connecting rods, etc. Nickel containing 36%, carbon 0.3-0. 5% Nickel Steel, its expansion coefficient is very small, almost no thermal expansion and contraction, used to make a variety of precision machinery, precision gauges and so on. Nickel containing 46%, carbon 0.15% high nickel steel, called "Class Platinum", because its expansion coefficient and platinum, glass similar, this high nickel steel can be fused to the glass. It is very important in bulb production and can be used as a substitute for platinum wire.

Ti-ni alloy has the ability of "memory", and memory is very strong, after a long time, repeat the million are accurate. Its "memory" ability is to remember its original shape, so people call it "shape memory alloy." It turns out that the alloy has a characteristic transition temperature, which has an organizational structure on top of the transition temperature, and it has another structure under the transition temperature. The structure is different and the performance is different.

Nickel is magnetic and can be attracted by magnets. And the alloy made of aluminum, cobalt and nickel, the magnetism is stronger. When attracted by electromagnets, the alloy not only absorbs itself, but also hangs below it 60 times times heavier and does not fall. In this way, it can be used to make electromagnetic cranes.

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