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The Lightest Metal Structure Materials Developed In China Smile And Pride In Space
Mar 27, 2018

Xian, February 28 (Xinhua Sang Jian) "We developed a new type of MG-li alloy, its density according to the use can reach 0.96 to 1.64 grams per cubic centimeter, is currently the world's lightest metal structure material." February 28, in the Research and Development Laboratory of Xi ' an Sifang Super Light Materials Co., Ltd., director of Shaanxi Province magnesium lithium Alloy Engineering Research Center, Professor Chaidongrang of Xi ' an Jiaotong university, pointed to a piece of magnesium-lithium alloy floating on the water surface to the reporter. It is reported that, December 22, 2016, China's first successful launch of the global Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Science experiment Satellite ("carbon satellite") in the high-resolution micro-NA satellite, almost the entire application of China's self-developed production of this ultra light materials.

As the lightest metal structure material in the world today, MG-li alloy material by adding lithium in magnesium, it has the advantages of low density, high specific stiffness, high specific strength, excellent mechanical properties and damping, noise damping performance, as well as anti-radiation, electromagnetic interference performance, representing the development of magnesium alloy technology forefront, known as the future most "Green environmental" revolutionary material. Compared with aluminum alloy, the same size, weight is only half of the aluminum alloy, but more than the strength of aluminum alloy. In addition, the new MG-Li alloy has excellent damping performance, is more than 10 times times of aluminum alloy, damping noise reduction effect is good, shielding electromagnetic interference in the performance of outstanding.

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