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What Are The Alloy Classifications For Non-ferrous Metals?
Jul 24, 2018

Copper alloy: common copper alloys area unit brass, bronze and white copper.

Aluminum alloy: per the composition and production method characteristics of aluminium alloy, it's sometimes divided into 2 major categories: deformation and casting aluminium alloy. the most applications within the trade area unit aluminum-manganese, aluminum-magnesium, aluminum-magnesium-copper, aluminum-magnesium-silicon. - Copper, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper alloy, etc. The distorted aluminium alloy is additionally known as mature aluminium alloy. per its composition and performance characteristics, it's divided into 5 types: rust-proof aluminium, arduous aluminium, super-hard aluminium, shaped aluminium and special aluminium. .

Lead-based alloy: lead-based bearing alloy is lead-bismuth-tin-copper alloy, that has moderate hardness, smart running-in property, slightly larger friction constant and low toughness. Back to the current, it's appropriate for casting with less impact and lighter load or Slower bearing pads.

Nickel alloy: Nickel will be combined with copper, iron, manganese, chromium, Si and atomic number 12. Among them, nickel-copper alloy may be a known Monel alloy. it's high strength and smart malleability. it's chemical properties within the atmosphere below 750 °C. Stable, wide utilized in electrical trade, tube, industry, medical instrumentation and marine industry.

Zinc alloy: the most additional components of Zn alloy area unit aluminium, copper and atomic number 12. Zn alloy will be divided into 2 types: deformation and forged Zn alloy per the process technology. The casting Zn alloy has smart fluidness and corrosion resistance, and is appropriate for die-casting instruments. Automotive elements and then on.


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