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What Are The Alloy Classifications For Non-ferrous Metals?(2)
Jul 24, 2018

Magnesium alloys: The alloying parts in Mg alloys square measure principally metal, Zn and Mn, and typically atiny low quantity of Zr, niobium, tantalum, etc. Mg alloys will be divided into 2 types: deformation and solid Mg alloy in line with totally different production processes. Mg alloys it's a very important light-weight structural material wide utilized in aviation and part industries.

Titanium alloy: atomic number 22 alloy will be divided into 3 varieties in line with the structure. (1 atomic number 22 is additional with metal and tin. a pair of atomic number 22 is additional with metal metal atomic number 42 metal and different alloying parts. three atomic number 22 is additional with parts comparable to metal and metal.) atomic number 22 alloy has high strength The density is tiny, the mechanical properties square measure smart, the toughness and therefore the corrosion resistance square measure excellent. additionally, the method performance of the atomic number 22 alloy is poor, and therefore the cutting method is troublesome. within the hot operating, it's terribly simple to soak up impurities comparable to H, nitrogen, element and therefore the like. the assembly method is sophisticated.

Tin-based alloy: tin-based bearing alloy is tin-bismuth copper alloy. it's little friction constant, moderate hardness, smart toughness, smart running-in property, corrosion resistance and thermal conduction, principally used below high speed and serious load conditions. operating bearing bush.


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