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What Are The Application Products Of Monel?
Jul 12, 2018


Nuclear trade for the manufacture of metallic element purification and atom separation instrumentation, seamless water pipes, steam pipes, ocean water exchangers and evaporators in power plants, acid and acid environments, fossil fuel distillation, pump shafts and propellers to be used in H2O instrumentation, Nuclear trade for the manufacture of kit for metallic element purification and atom separation, manufacture of pumps and valves for the assembly of acid instrumentation

Monel K500 (K500, NCu30-2-1, UNS N05500) alloy has constant mechanical properties as high strength, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic properties, and conjointly has constant corrosion resistance of Monel four hundred. It is used as pump shaft material and is appropriate for operating underneath geologic conditions of harsh high sulfur and high wax oil layers. Since the alloy has no plastic-brittle transition temperature, it's terribly appropriate for numerous refrigerant instrumentation. This alloy is especially used for pump shafts and valve stems, conveyor scrapers, well drill rings, elastic components, valve pads so on. appropriate for oil, chemical building, pharmaceutical, and physical science sectors.

Monel four hundred alloy (UNS N04400 or MCu-28-1.5-1.8 or Ni68Cu28Fe) may be a reasonably H2O, chemical solvent, ammonia sulfur chloride, acid, numerous acidic media adore acid, acid, acid, oxyacid, organic acid. A nickel-based alloy material having sensible corrosion resistance in associate alkalic medium, a salt, and a liquid salt.

Monel four hundred alloy has sensible mechanical properties, wide temperature from cold to heat, sensible attachment performance and medium and high strength.

Monel four hundred is especially employed in the fields of chemistry and petrochemicals and marine development. is accustomed manufacture a range of warmth exchange instrumentation, boiler feed water heaters, oil and chemical pipelines, vessels, towers, tanks, valves, pumps, reactors, shafts, etc.


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