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What Are The Characteristics And Application Of The INCONEL 625?
Aug 08, 2018

Characteristic as below:

1. glorious corrosion resistance of various varieties of media in each reaction and reduction environments.

2. glorious resistance of corroding and crevice corrosion, and will not happen stress corrosion cracking due to chloride.

3.Excellent resistance of the inorganic acid corrosion performance, corresponding to aqua fortis, oxyacid, vitriol, acid and also the mixture of vitriol and acid.

4. glorious corrosion resistance of various varieties of inorganic acid mixture performance.

5. smart corrosion resistance of a range of concentrations of acid once the temperature up to 40ºC .

6. smart machining and fastening, no weld cracking sensitivity.

7. Have pressure vessel authentication for the wall temperature between -196 ~ 450ºC .

8. Apply for the best commonplace lever VII of acidic surroundings by the NACE ( MR-01-75)authorized.

Inconel 625 Application field :

Soften tempering low carbon alloy 625 wide utilized in the action business, smart corrosion resistance associated high strength created it an sensible choice for structural elements. 625 have application in sea-water for native mechanical stress attach.

Inconel 625 Typical application field as below:

1 .The Organic action elements contains chloride, particularly within the use of acid chloride catalyst.

2. The steriliser and bleacherin the utilization of paper pulp and paper creating business.

3.Absorption tower, re-heater,gas import board, fan, blender, truthful water fin, flue and then on for exploitation in flue gas desulfurization system.

4. The instrumentality and elements within the use of acidic gas environments.

5. ethanoic acid and compound reaction generator 

6. Sulfur acid cooling

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