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What Are The Characteristics Of Nickel 200/201?
Jun 27, 2018

Both Nickel two hundred and 201 supply corrosion resistance in reducing and neutral media furthermore as in oxidizing atmospheres providing the oxidizing media permits the formation of a passive compound film. This compound film accounts for the materials wonderful resistance in caustic environments. Corrosion rates in each marine and rural atmospheres area unit terribly low. The resistance of Nickel 200/201 to corrosion by distilled and natural waters is great. and it conjointly provides wonderful service in flowing ocean water even at high rate, however in stagnant or terribly low-velocity ocean water severe native attack could occur below fouling organisms or different deposits. In predicament systems wherever the steam contains carbonic acid gas and air in sure proportions, corrosion rates are going to be at first high however can decrease with time if conditions favor the formation of a protecting film.

Applications wherever Nickel 200-201 will be used embody chemical process and storage, man-made fiber production, and processes wherever hydrated oxide and atomic number 9 is employed. different applications embody part and defense furthermore as food process. Nickel 200/201 has exceptional resistance to caustic alkalies at varied temperatures and concentrations.

  • Highly proof against varied reducing chemicals

  • Excellent resistance to caustic alkalies

  • High electrical conduction

  • Excellent corrosion resistance to distilled and natural waters

  • Resistance to neutral and alcalescent salt solutions

  • Excellent resistance to dry atomic number 9

  • Widely wont to handle hydroxide

  • Good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties

  • Offers some resistance to hydrochloric and chemical element acids at modest temperatures and concentrations


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