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What Are The Conditions For Corrosion Resistant Alloys?
Aug 14, 2018

The ability of aluminous materials to resist media erosion in corrosive media is termed corrosion resistance of metals. High corrosion resistance in pure metals typically has one in all the subsequent 3 conditions.


(1) A metal having high physics stability. It will typically be judged by its commonplace conductor potential, and its price is a lot of stable than the positive one; the lower one is a smaller amount stable. Precious metals with sensible corrosion resistance, such as Pt, Au, Ag, Cu, etc. represent this class.

(2) Metals that area unit simply passivated. several metals will kind a dense chemical compound film with a protecting impact in Associate in Nursing oxidizing medium. This development is termed passivation. the foremost simply passivated within the metal is Ti, Zr, Ta, Nb, Cr, Al, and therefore the like.

(3) A metal whose surface energy generates a poorly soluble and well-protected corrosion product film. this can be solely the case once the metal is during a specific corrosive medium, as an example, lead and Al in H2SO4 resolution, Fe in H3PO4, Mo in acid resolution, and Zn within the atmosphere.

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