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What Are The Main Applications Of Superalloys?(2)
Jul 18, 2018

2. Energy field

Superalloys have a good vary of applications within the energy sector. In high-parameter ultra-supercritical power generation boilers for coal-fired power plants, superheaters and reheaters should be used with high creep resistance, high-temperature alloy pipes with wonderful oxidization resistance on the steam aspect and wonderful corrosion resistance on the flue gas side; In gas turbines, rotary engine blades and guide vanes got to use high-temperature resistant alloys with hot temperature corrosion resistance and semipermanent structural stability; within the field of atomic power, steam generator heat transfer tubes should use high-temperature alloys with sensible answer corrosion resistance; within the field of chemical change and energy saving and emission reduction, high-temperature alloys with wonderful resistance to hot temperature hot corrosion and hot temperature abrasion resistance square measure wide used; in oil and gas exploitation, particularly deep well mining, the drilling tools square measure in associate acidic atmosphere of 4-150 °C, and Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant superalloys should be employed in the presence of carbon dioxide, H2S and sediment.

China's Shanghai electrical, Dongfang electrical, Harbin turbine Works and alternative large-scale power generation instrumentation producing teams have greatly improved in terms of production scale and production technology in recent years, driving the demand for rotary engine disks for power generation instrumentation. a replacement generation of power generation equipment-large-scale ground gas turbines (also obtainable as ship power), that is being developed domestically, has created outstanding progress, and also the demand for high-temperature alloys are going to be driven once production. At identical time, the localization of atomic power instrumentation also will drive demand for domestic high-temperature alloys.


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