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What Are The Main Classifications Of Superalloys (2)?
Jul 17, 2018

2, alloy strengthening kind

According to the kind of alloy strengthening, high-temperature alloys may be classified into solution strengthening superalloys and ageing precipitation strengthening alloys.

(1) solution strengthening kind

The supposed solution strengthening kind adds some alloying components to iron, nickel or cobalt-based superalloys to create a single-phase primary solid solution structure. The substance atoms distorted the lattice of the solution matrix, and also the slip resistance within the solution will increase and strengthens. Some substance atoms will scale back the stacking fault energy of the alloy system and increase the tendency of dislocation decomposition, that makes the cross-slip tough to proceed, and also the alloy is reinforced to attain the aim of high-temperature alloy strengthening.

(2) Ageing precipitation strengthening

The supposed aging precipitation strengthening could be a heat treatment method during which the alloy work is solution-treated, cold plastically unshapely, and maintained at the next temperature or at temperature. For example: GH4169 alloy, the best yield strength at 650 ° C up to one 000 MPa, the alloy temperature of the blade will reach 950 ° C.


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